Painting Rental

You will not replace an original high-quality work of art with its best reproduction… A painting, sculpture or photograph by a professional artist will add authenticity, strength and originality to your space. From time immemorial, people have used works of art to enhance the places where they lived, spent their free time or received visitors. A work of art tells about its owner, about his residence, company or enterprise and the time in which he lives. A work of art represents beyond words, enhances the impression and deepens the experience spent near it.

Collectors or people who invest in art are perceived as philanthropists, people who support culture (not only the arts), are considered educated and intelligent beings who create long lasting values around them.

If you have the desire and the need to enrich your space and life by enjoying a work of art, use our “painting rental” service.

For whom is suitable the rental of works of art?

For companies (offices, halls, receptions).

For unique events and occasions (presentations, meetings, weddings).

For individuals (house, apartment, room).


Which are the benefits?

The investment in renting is many times lower than on purchase.

Works or galleries can be renewed regularly, works always rise interest.

A professional will assist you with the installation and selection.

How does the rental work?

Based on your request, we will arrange a consultation on the spot.

We will prepare a collection of works of art suitable for you and your interior.

We will provide a rental contract, we will insure the works and secure the installation of paintings, collections or exhibitions.


Why our works of art?

We don’t like empty walls.

Our goal is a 100% satisfied customer.

We have many years of exhibition experience.

We value the uniqueness of each customer.

You can currently choose these paintings for rent.